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Shenzhen Youngor Center Mall


Shenzhen Youngor Shopping Center is a modern shopping center with a total construction area of 10,000 square meters, using a large number of aluminum profiles as the main building materials. Relying on the advantages of aluminum profiles and the support of Zhonglian Aluminum, Youngor Mall has successfully created a futuristic shopping mall.

Zhonglian Aluminum provided a variety of aluminum profiles for Shenzhen Youngor shopping center, such as aluminum profiles for balcony glass curtain walls, aluminum profiles for drainage systems, and so on. Among them, the aluminum profile of the balcony glass curtain wall, as one of the focal points of the entire shopping center, is a highlight of the appearance of the shopping center. The aluminum profile uses a large lighting area design, making full use of the advantages of sunlight, and smooth lines, which is impressive, and also provides more natural lighting for the shopping center.

In addition, the aluminum profile of the drainage system is also an important service provided by Zhonglian Aluminum for Shenzhen Youngor Shopping Center. Zhonglian Aluminum has carefully designed the aluminum profile of the drainage system so that it has waterproof performance and can discharge rainwater smoothly in heavy rain weather.

Through the extensive use of aluminum profiles, the Shenzhen Youngor Mall has created an elegant and modern architectural appearance that fully demonstrates the charm of modern architecture. The technology and products of Zhonglian Aluminum provide a solid guarantee for the construction of the Youngor Shopping Center.

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Project Features :

1,The frame-supported glass curtain wall uses the vertical visible & horizontal invisible aluminum structure system, and the 140 series aluminum column (aluminum specifically designed for this project).

2,The hidden frame glass curtain wall uses 150 series all hidden frame structure.The panels use 6 low-e light grey (dark grey) + 12A + 6 hollow transparent tempered glass, the outer part (the large area glass) is the light grey glass, concave part (the small area glass) is the dark grey glass, and the four corners are designed as arc shaped glass.

3,The roof steel structure glass curtain wall is designed as 300 x300x14 welding steel structure, the glass pillar

extends up the tower outside, and the panels is light grey coating tempered glass.

4,The light steel rain canopy is designed as variable cross- section h-beam welding structure, connected by the type 8 + 1.52 + 8 double tempered laminated glass, and 4 x121∮4 stainless steel rod installed.

The aluminum profile project case provided by Zhonglian Aluminum for Shenzhen Youngor Shopping Center not only shows the strength and technical level of Zhonglian Aluminum, but also fully reflects the innovation and fashion of modern architecture, adding more possibilities and creativity for the development of Shenzhen's construction industry.